We help clients to select and implement cloud solutions, they are on-demand software or software as a service (SaaS)-. Some of the questions we normally solve are: What do I keep inside the company and what in the cloud? How to migrate to a cloud solution? Which of my current applications can be migrated to cloud?, etc.


Outsourcing can help cut costs and create a more flexible workforce as part of a strategy to enable high performance. Cloud is the next iteration of outsourcing, adding to the beneficial economics many companies already experience. Unlike traditional BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), which often requires the service provider to take over an existing software installation, the process cloud uses a common, one-to-many platform to automate highly standardized processes.


The rise of mobility, social networking and mobile devices has created a new norm for interaction with customers and employees. At the same time, businesses are experiencing speed-to-market and cost containment pressures as never before.


While the concept of cloud is simple, determining how cloud best fits with your business strategy and organizational structure is incredibly complex. It changes the way business and IT interact at a strategic level: IT’s role must shift dramatically and quickly lest the business move forward without it.


(1) Startup cost reduction of implementing clients own software.
(2) Risk reduction of mantain applications in client own hardware.
(3) Already tested solutions and periodical improvements.
(4) Easy scalability to meet periods of peak demand.
(5) Reduce costs and simplify maintenance.

Case Study

Reduce technology complexity in a retail distributor.


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"The project was great with Simastec. Speed and results, all in one."


- Hotel Chain Client