Simastec Consulting is a global strategy and technology consulting firm. We help companies to create, manage and sustain growth through our exceptional former consultants from Deloitte, McKinsey and Google.



Our beliefs are:
(1) We will be successful if our clients are successful.
(2) To solve the hardest problems, it requires the best people.
(3) The best people want the opportunity to work on the hardest problems.


In consequence, for us this means:
(1) Put the client’s interest ahead of our own: this means try to deliver more value than expected, it doesn’t mean doing whatever the client asks.
(2) Behave as professionals: never compromise out integrity.
(3) Deliver the best as cost effectively: spend clients’ and our firm’s resources as their own.
(4) We operate as one firm, so we can always bring the best team of minds from around the world for each engagement.
(5) Better answers in teams than as individuals: we do not compete against each other, all opinions are considered and analyzed.
(6) We give each other totally support: as good leaders, we coach and develop other inside the firm and our clients.


Our People

We get the best talent from different parts of the world, with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds. We all share a same passion for problem solving and a drive to have significant impact in the world.

Who we are

We are the trusted advisor to many businesses and institutions. We are operating in 7 countries, have succeed with more than 40 clients and have direct access to more than 400 businesses.


We operate as one firm, bringing the best experts from Simastec and from our external network to each engagement.


We try to play our Leadership by helping others—clients and clients— to exceed their own expectations. Simastec Consulting aspires to help leaders realize their full potential.


Social Corporate Responsability

Our primary objective is to help clients in order to contribute to the world in which we live. We are firmly convinced that together we can achieve more than any of us could individually. We also find that the work challenges us intellectually, helps us develop professionally, and fulfills us personally.


Simastec Consulting partner with multiple organizations around the world that seek to improve the world. We invest a minimum of 10% of our time to support these organizations by applying our talents, expertise, and insights in the consulting services we provide to them.


Our social-impact work is focused on 3 areas:

(1) Poverty and hunger

(2) Education

(3) Arts and culture


During this time we have completed approximately 32 social-impact projects.



Simastec Consulting is founded in 2007 in Spain, consequence of the huge demand during that time. After attending as key speakers in Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in 2010 and some Business Schools in 2011, Simastec Consulting started its first projects in new countries: Andorra and Cameroon.


Meanwhile a deep economic crisis arrived, Simastec achieved such improvement for clients that started projects for new locations as: Germany, London, China and Egypt.


In the last 2 years they had published 12 articles, including a couple in the firm Kedge Consulting.

Case Study

Reduce technology complexity in a retail distributor.


 - How we do it?


"The project was great with Simastec. Speed and results, all in one."


- Hotel Chain Client