Conversion to a Profitable Business with 9x more Projected Revenues and reducing in 87% its Client Cost of Acquisition

Overview & Challenges

A tech company offering a cloud PAS (Product As a Service) wanted to improve its strategic and technological situation. It was immersed in a un-profitable business with a high credit leverage. The company didn’t have control about the product design, which contains a high level of complexity in its multi-platform structure.

Strategy Designed

A Simastec team came to assess the turnaround process of the company. After audit the client in terms of strategy and technology, working jointly with the client team it was created a plan including these measures:


(1) Reduce risk:

- Negotiating with all their tech suppliers to re-gain the copyright and control of their product.

- Create standard procedures to avoid these problems with futures suppliers.

- Collecting a 360º client multi-channel feedback to understand the target client preferences and improve the differentiation strategy from competitors.

- Implant business intelligence software to understand the business by the client and improve their key factor performance indications.


(2) Reduce cost:

- Centering the product development investment doing always little prototypes asked by the clients with fast feedback.

- Reducing the cost of client acquisition by a multi-channel test detecting the most ROI distribution channel.


(3) Increase revenues:

- Product diversification: defining strategic partnerships to increase the client revenue per client and reduce even more their client acquisition doing cross-selling with those partners.
- Increasing the numbers of touch points to the online distribution channel and automating the process of content publication and client following.
- Reducing the bottlenecks in the online distribution channel.
- Changing the pricing of the product

Technologies Applied

Business Intelligence, Business Modeling Software, Dedicated Hostings, Mail Marketing, Mobile Development, Process Automatization, SEO and SEM, Streaming Software, Social Networks, Web Development


After the implementation of the plan with the client, Simastec had re-design and tested an strategy to create a profitable business model with 9 times more projected revenues, removing completely its credit leverage in 5 years, reducing its client cost of acquisition in 87% and capturing again the product development control.



Our commitment to confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the identity of our clients and their confidential information.

Case Study

Reduce technology complexity in a retail distributor.


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"The project was great with Simastec. Speed and results, all in one."


- Hotel Chain Client